Christmas and New Year table

Christmas and New Year holidays are a perfect occasion to be creative and try something new. We would like to share several ideas which might help you to make your holiday table elegant, exquisite and memorable. It’s actually quite easy to create a spectacular Christmas or New Year table setting!
Are you interested to try a modern classics theme? If so, pick one colour as a backbone of your entire decoration idea. For example, gold! Select matching tablecloth and napkins, Christmas baubles and other Christmas ornaments. Make a garland from fir tree branches and cones and place it in the table centre. Add several crystal candlesticks with golden candles and instantly you have a holiday atmosphere!
Put gold confetti or streamers into champagne glasses for a special festive touch.
White porcelain tableware will be perfect for this setting. Decorate each side plate with a fir cone or a little party favour. You can fill these boxes with candy, funny holiday messages or small candles.

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