Five O’Clock Tea

Are you wondering how to add some pleasant moments to your daytime or how to find some time to enjoy yourself during your working hours? No doubts one of the most interesting ideas is to arrange a small and delicious Afternoon Tea Party.

For a set tea table you simply need elegant porcelain, tea and snacks!
The best table for a tea party is the table arranged in a way that you can enjoy your tea in the coziest atmosphere and at the same time still be able to deal with your everyday matters. Besides a tea pot and tea cups with saucers, you will need a milk jug with milk or cream, a sugar bowl with sugar cubes (preferably both brown and white), sugar tongs and other dessert cutlery. A perfect idea is to make a 3-tier stand: place small sandwiches (with cucumber and butter, fish pâté, ham, eggs etc.) on the bottom plate, savory pastries on the middle one, and sweet desserts, for example, delicious fruit tartlets, on the top plate. You can also use jam to complement the tea. Such a creative table setting will bring a touch of luxury to your daily life and will help you to escape the daily routine.

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