Main Course Serving

The main course is the high point of any meal, the most important dish of
any banquet table. Take a break before serving the main course, this will
give you time to clear the table of used plates and cutlery and bring bread.
In general, a hot main course dish has three components: the main ingredient
(red meat, poultry or fish), garnish and sauce. 

Before serving the dish, make sure it is nicely presented and neatly placed
on the plate. Use a flat dinner plate, at least 25 cm in size. Place the
portion in the center of the plate, but avoid overloading it. This is
necessary for the food to look attractive. When in doubt which plates to
choose, pick white. White tableware will not distract attention from the
course, which is served. White colour will provide the contrast, making the
dish look brighter and its texture more appealing. This is why white
tableware is the first choice for chefs in restaurants all over the world.
Another important point is the garnish, it should match the main ingredient
in taste and colour. For example, a fried chicken with bright vegetable
garnish looks amazing! Sprinkle it with sauce and add fragrant herbs and
spices for a truly tantalizing treat! 

Main course should be served hot, not less than 65 °C. Pre-heat the plates
before serving, to keep the food warm longer.
Do not forget about the rest of the accessories for your table. Cutlery,
glasses, tablecloth, all will add to the overall impression from the served

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