Porcelain and ceramics. What is better?

Guys! How often do you ask yourself about quality of tableware in your kitchen? Today we would like to tell how you can choose the right plates.

Porcelain and ceramics. 

First of all let us to tell you about material it’s made of,  and not about color and style.

✔In fact all dishes are made from the clay. And specifically, from is white mineral clay. It is name is kaolinite. Also, the kaolinite`s  composition and firing temperature are influence to quality of porcelain.

For example, the porcelain or fine porcelain has a lot of kaolinite. But the ceramics doesn`t  have а kaolinite or has it very low percent.

✔Second and very important fact it`s the porcelain is thinner and stronger than ceramics. The ceramics more porous and covered with a special glaze. And the wear resistance of dishes directly depends on the quality of the coating and composition of the glaze.

✔ The ceramics can be painted very easily unlike fine porcelain. The texture can only be applied after firing.

✔If you have good hearing, you will understand right away if you are holding porcelain or ceramics in your hands. The fine porcelain "sounds high" and the ceramics "sounds low"

✔Also we would like to get your attention to the fact that the quality and colors of kaolinite can influence colors of produced items. These may vary from white to creamy and light gray. 

And a little advice for perfect serving.

You should be careful with light gray tableware. It can look  not so good on white tablecloth.

We wish you to make the right choice and to have a delicious food.

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