Service Plate, Side Plate

Nowadays people are more and more interested in a proper table setting and dining decorum. In fact, you don't have to wait for a formal occasion nor have some guests over, in order to create a beautiful table setting. You can make a delicious atmosphere even for a familiar meal with just your family present. All you need is a suitable tablecloth and matching napkins and tableware. For table decoration, you can use small flower bouquets and candle sets.
Let us begin setting our table!
Place a 25 cm service plate for each person, straight in front of the chair. Put a side plate on top of a service plate, a 20 cm plate being the most convenient size for this purpose.
Now, move to cutlery. Place the cutlery items in following way: on the right side, next to the plate, place the dinner knife, on the left side of the plate place the dinner fork. The knife's blade should face the plate and fork's tines should face upwards. Next, place the appetizer items in similar fashion: knife on the right side, fork on the left side.
Place the water glass above the dinner knife, at the intersection of plate edge line with dinner knife point.
And do not forget the bread, you can serve it in a wicker basket.
That is all for today. In our next article, we will focus on salad serving.

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