Soup Serving

Soup is a perfect addition to appetizer dishes during any banquet. Let’s choose beautiful tableware and properly set the table to showcase this important and delicious course!
Clear the table of appetizers and used cutlery and place a service plate in front of each guest and then a soup plate on top of the service plate. Use a 22-23 cm/400 ml plate to serve a full portion of soup.

Next is the cutlery: you can place soup spoon either on the right side of the plate, bowl upwards, or above the plate parallel to the table edge, handle to the right. The distance between the plate and the utensil should be 0.5 cm.

Do not forget to add the finishing touch before serving: decorate the soup with a sprig of fresh dill or parsley. Fresh flowers, colourful napkins and other themed accessories will be perfect for creating the festive atmosphere.

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