Tea Table Setting

Dear friends, let’s take a closer look at tradition and rules of setting a tea table and the main factors this kind of setting depends on. To start with, it is important to define the menu, serving order and number of guests. First, roll out a tablecloth or spread cloth napkins under the cutlery. For tea table setting linen fabric suits amazingly and napkins of neutral shades will perfectly enhance the whiteness of porcelain. Next, place plates and cutlery. To make your table decoration look neat, luxurious and fetching, match the vase and flowers to the colour shade of your tableware and tablecloth. Burning candles will contribute to a festive atmosphere.
It is common to add dishes with cookies and other treats to the center of the table. Small dishes with sliced lemon are placed near them. In case milk is supposed to be used, pour it in a creamer and also put in the center of the table. Sugar bowl should be within the reach of all the guests. Don’t forget to add a tea spoon or sugar tongs if you are serving a lump sugar. Dishes with jam and honey are placed close to each guest. Besides, it is important to leave some place for a tea pot.
Dessert plates are placed in front of every guest, about 2 cm from the edge of the table. Put a dessert knife on the right side of the dessert plate and a dessert fork – on the left. Tea cup with saucer should be on the right with cup handle turned to the right and the tea spoon should be on the saucer.

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